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SENNIES source the childcare You deserve

Why We Are Different

Problems we solve


Ensuring quality SEN childcare by sourcing the best Sennies & identifying new talent at an affordable price


Ensuring Sennies are placed into the right families for their skills, personality and culture fit 

Our solution

We only source & introduce creative, patient, thoughtful professionals who are passionate about childcare and working within the Special Educational Needs sector


Each SENNIE has a special areas of interest or talents that we match with families of similar needs. Our Sennies must exhibit good character, responsibility, excellent experience and references. We will work with you to develop your Sennies specific job description and raet fo pay

Our pledge

Our fees are competitive within the industry as we charge a flat, transparent fee 

Say goodbye to extortionate commission prices!


We are confident that you will love our service, however, if you're not 100% happy with your Sennie within the first 30 days, we will find a replacement at no additional cost

Whether you are looking for full time, part time, after school, night, holiday or  weekend childcare we have you covered

Let us find the childcare that your family deserve  ​

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Personalised Process

Every placement is unique and customised
for each family

Run By Experienced SEN Nannies, Professionals &


We've helped families for over 10 years. We know personality-fit is key and how to spot it.

Our experience has enabled us to develop London's leading SEN training packages and bespoke family services for those who need further home support.

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Low cost SEN childcare agency

At SENNIES, we pride ourselves on being a low cost introduction agency. We source quality SEN childcare saving our clients time, money and frustration. We charge a flat fee to ensure families have access to to an affordable and supportive agency.


A Sennies hourly rate starts at £15 per hour gross.  

Sennie Guarantee

If you are not happy with your Sennie we
will replace them within the first 30 days for no additional cost

The SENNIES Process

Get in touch

Contact us and we will send you  our Vacancy Registration Form to highlight your family's needs.

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Flat Fee - No Commission

We charge a set price per placement allowing you to pay your Sennie a fair wage without worrying about commission prices

*Most agencies charge a commission rate of 16%-22% of the Nannies annual salary 

30 Day Guarantee

If for any reason you are unhappy with your Sennie we will replace them with no additional charge within the first 30 days

Extended guarantee available upon request

£800 - £3000

per placement 

Our fee varies depending on your requirements

Please get in touch for a personalised quote


Begin the matchmaking

We will send you SENNIE PROFILES that specifically meet your family’s need.

 From experience, working within the special needs sector, requires the right qualities and characteristics.

We believe in quality over quantity and will only send you candidates we believe are worth your time and consideration, highlighting our preferred candidates. 

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We will work with each family to coordinate interviews for Sennies under consideration.


Regardless of your preference in terms of face to face, telephone or video  interviews, we will help make this process seamless and enjoyable!

We allow a maximum of 2 days for a SENNIES trial. All trials are paid at £10 ph.

Hire the perfect Sennie

Once you make a verbal offer that is accepted by a Sennie, we will send you your final invoice and get to work on your contract of employment. Your inintal commitment fee is deducted from your final invoice.

SENNIES understands the importance of providing both families and Sennies with clear guidelines to encourage open communication from the start of this special relationship. Therefore we encourage you to provide your Sennie with a separate 'House Rules' document.

We serve as a continued source of support and advice for both you and your Sennie.

We can recommend a number of organisations that make hiring a Sennie seamless, such as help with payroll and pensions.

Finally, we can provide an introduction to our SEN specialist, Vicky Brewer, who offers bespoke family sessions and Sennie training at a reduced rate to the Sennies community. 

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Commitment Fee 

Once we receive your Vacancy Registration Form, we require a £500 Commitment Fee to begin your search.

In the unlikely scenario we do not send you any Sennies to review, your Commitment fee will be refunded. Please feel free to read our terms and conditions for more information.

Please ensure your Vacancy Registration Form is as detailed as possible as this is the information used to create your detailed Job Description.  

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