SENNIES help to source the childcare you deserve

Why We Are Different

Problems we solve


Run by a Neurodivergent Super Sennie, SENNIES understands how difficult it can be to find quality SEN childcare.

SENNIES have a proven track record of sourcing, vetting and qualifying suitable SEN childcarers to introduce to families seamlessly. 


We know how time-consuming finding childcare can be, especially when there is a lack of childcarers who have the experience and training your child may require. On average we receive 200 applications for every role and only accept up to 10% of applicants onto our books. SENNIES will ensure you only speak and meet with potential matches! 

Our solution

We take the pain out of recruiting a new Sennie (SEN Nanny / Carer / Teacher) by introducing you to creative, patient, thoughtful professionals who are passionate about childcare and working within the Special Educational Needs sector.

Whilst we aim to place experienced Sennies in the majority of our roles, we also work with families who have time to train a Sennie with our support, so we can increase the pool of quality SEN childcarers over the years as a community. When we accept a candidate with less hands-on experience within SEN childcare, they will need to demonstrate patience, engagement and kindness with a real desire to start the transition from neurotypical childcare to neurodivergent childcare.

With that being said it's good to remember that you set the parameters for your search and we share the potential matches we have at present and are able to source on your behalf throughout your 8-week search or 1-year subscription. 

Each Sennie must pass our thorough interview process prior to accepting a role as a Sennie:

Our Sennie registration process consists of

  • A telephone call and a video interview with a Member of the SENNIES team

  • An Enhanced DBS check and checking update service status

  • Passing 2 professional reference checks

  • Passing identification and right to work checks

  • Supplying evidence of any childcare related certificates 

We will work with you to develop your Sennies specific job description and advertised rate of pay.

Our pledge

Our fees are competitive within the industry having recently adjusted our package so you only pay for the services you need!

Say goodbye to extortionate commission prices! We charge a  weekly subscription or flat fee depending on your preference!

Whether you are looking for a Full-time, Part-time, Afterschool, Overnight, Holiday or Weekend Sennie... We've got you covered

Let SENNIES support you in finding the childcare you deserve  ​


The SENNIES Process

Subscribe to SENNIES


Register with SENNIES here. 

We will then reach out to discuss which package works best for you

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Job Description

Once you have paid your registration fee and completed your online SENNIES profile, we will create your job description and book in a call to review prior to your role going live.

Let the Matching begin

You will receive SENNIES profiles to your online account and you will also be notified by email. 

We aim to send at least 3 Sennies for every search and use a complex matching system whereby we only send you a Sennie to review who is at least a 75 % match based on the information you have provided.

We will work with each family to coordinate interviews for Sennies under consideration.


Regardless of your preference in terms of face to face, telephone or video interviews, we will help make this process seamless and enjoyable!

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Interviews and trial

We recommend :

- 1 x face to face interview

- Trial successful Sennies for a maximum of 2 days


All trials are paid at a reduced rate of £10 per hour, paid directly to the Sennie. 

Trial Day suggestions:

Day 1 - The Sennie should meet the children and join in with a preferred activity of theirs. We recommend the Sennie then shadows your day so they can see your routine and get to know the children in a setting similar to the role. 
Day 2 - This is when we advise you to let the Sennie take the reigns. Perhaps they could organise an activity that you can observe or take the lead in a group activity. The Sennie should not be left alone with the children as the trial is an opportunity for you to see them in action and decide if you feel they are right for the position however we strongly advise you step back for even an hour where possible (this could be in another room or making lunch whilst the Sennie engages with the children 1:1).

Offer of employment 

Once you are ready to make an offer, we will send you our online offer letter to complete.


We will then share this with the Sennie who will accept, negotiate or decline. Once an offer has been accepted by a Sennie, your final placement fee is due or your weekly subscription will be activated. We will collect payment through your online account and then support you in getting off to the best start based on your chosen support package.  

We will also recommend a number of organisations that make hiring a Sennie seamless, such as help with payroll and pensions.

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Why choose SENNIES

Save time and frustration

SENNIES is the fastest-growing SEN childcare support service in the UK. 

We recently changed our process and pricing to ensure everyone has access to a SENNIES search and can work with a team that fully understand your requirements.  

If you have ever recruited a Sennie/nanny before you already know how time-consuming it is and that there are nowhere near the amount of SEN quality  Nannies/Carers available. Whilst it can take a while, they are out there! 

We received over 200 applications for every role and only 10% make it onto our books! Let SENNIES take the load off and only send you the suitable Sennies to review.

Owned and run by a Neurdivergent Super Sennie 

SENNIES is run a Super Sennie who also has ADHD herself! 

Our CEO's personal and professional experience in SEN has helped create a small but dedicated team of Matchmakers to support families in a search that can sometimes feel like finding a needle in a haystack.

Affordable and personalised SEN introduction service

At SENNIES, we pride ourselves on being a low cost, introduction agency.

We source quality SEN childcare, saving our clients time, money and frustration. We charge a flat fee to ensure families have access to an affordable and supportive introduction agency. 

See our full price list here 

Sennie Hourly Rates -  (Paid directly to your Sennie)

  • Part-time: £17 - £25 per hour gross 

  • Full-time: £15 - £25 per hour gross

    • (If you require someone with specific SEN qualifications then you will likely need to offer a salary of £20+ per hour gross to obtain the right talent)

  • Live in: £15 - £20 per hour 

Our Fees


Flat Fee - No commission

We charge a weekly subscription fee or a set price per placement. This allows you to pay your Sennie a fair wage without worrying about the rise of agency fees.

We have broken down our price to ensure every family can build a package that works for them based on their time, budget and previous experience with childcare. 

*Most agencies charge a commission rate of 16%-22% of the Sennies/Nannies annual salary 

Family Consultations, Support and Advice

We have partnered with a number of incredible family Consultant and SEN trainers who can offer 1-1 sessions virtual for as little as £75 + VAT per session!


PLUD 50% off your first session if you are a registered or placed Sennie! 

SEN Training

All registered Sennies are offered free online training to set them up for success! This covers a wide variety of topics

We also offer discounted training courses in specific areas some of which can be added to your premium support package. 

1. Registration fee 

£500 - £700 + VAT depending on your package 

How much do I pay my Sennie?


  • Under 20 hours p/w

    •  £17 - £25 p/h gross

  • Under 30 hours p/w

    • £17 - £25 p/h gross

  • Over 30 hours p/w

    • £15 - £20 per hour gross

    • (£20+ per hour for qualified Specialists)