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Hi There,

My name is Liam a sporty, caring, laughable freelance Sennie, Supply Teaching Assistant and Support Worker from Wales but happy to work anywhere in the UK.

In my spare time I love all things music alongside running, cooking, walking and experiencing new things and places.

I decided to work with children in-particular those with special educational needs, mental health and suffering from trauma due to experiences in my childhood.

I have a fully up to date DBS which is on the update service alongside a Paediatric First Aid Level 3 included in the nine qualifications that I hold which I have gone more into detail about below. In 2020 I upgraded, renewed and added to my qualifications. Therefore the current qualifications I hold are as follows. Special Educational Needs Level 3, Paediatric First Aid Level 3, Safeguarding Children (Advanced) Level 2, Child Psychology Level 3 Diploma, Anger Management Counselling Level 3, Child Anxiety and Confidence Level 3, ADHD Awareness Diploma, Autism Awareness Diploma, Mental Wellbeing in Children and Young People certificate. I will add in relation to my qualifications that on January the 30th 2021 I will be starting a BSc Honours degree in Psychology and Counselling with the Open University yet I can reassure you that this won’t affect any work related commitments.

My experience working with SEN children do vary. So for you to get the fullest picture as possible of what conditions I have worked with in a Sennie, Teaching Assistant and Support Worker capacity I have singled them out and explained my experiences.

ADHD: Out of all conditions ADHD is the one I'd say I have the most experience with. I have individuals with the condition in my private life. I have also worked with a large amount of children with the condition. Despite my experiences with ADHD in 2020 I completed a ADHD Awareness Diploma.

Global Developmental Delay (GDD): GDD is only a condition to which I have started to learn about since the beginning of 2020. My experience started in a group that I started volunteering in for SEN children.

Cerebral Palsy (CP): My experience with CP is limited to a month work with a lad aged eleven now twelve who also has Asthma, a heart condition and epilepsy. The responsibilities this role came with was administration and preparation of medication, tube feeding and venting, supporting the child with doing physiotherapy and speech and language programs, personal care and moving the child with a hoist and in line with his care plan.

Epilepsy: My experience with Epilepsy, I have worked with one child, two adults and also know individuals on a personal level who have the condition which has led me to support individuals having seizures.

Autism: Is one of the conditions I have a lot of experience with. I have individuals in my personal life who have Autism alongside having worked with multiple children and a few adults with Autism or suspected to have the condition over the years. I also hold a Autism Awareness Diploma.

Tourette syndrome: My experience of Tourette syndrome is high due to experiences with the condition in my personal life, so I do know how to manage tics with techniques such as anxiety management techniques.

Pekka: My experience with Pekka is limited to one child and one adult. The care for the individuals were different due to ages however care was provided within line of what was guided to us by medical professionals and care plans.

Trauma: I have experience in trauma with children in a work and out of work capacity. Most traumas of the children I have worked with have come from witnessing domestic abuse yet a couple of cases have been down to them being a victim of crime.

Anxiety and confidence: I have a substantial amount of experience in both work and out of work capacity. I have supported children who have had panic attacks, struggled with their anxiety and confidence in a school and social capacity and supporting individuals with anxiety and confidence management. I will also add I am qualified in Child Anxiety and Confidence Level 3 alongside holding a Mental Wellbeing in Children and Young People certificate.

Dyslexia: I have worked with children in a out of school and in mainly in school environment.

Hyper Mobility Syndrome: I have worked with one child who has formal diagnoses of Hyper Mobility Syndrome on a temporary basis of two months.

Mental Health: Of course theirs many different types of mental health disorders nevertheless my experiences lie in Bipolar, Schizophrenia and Depression. I have obtained these experiences through working both in school and out of school environments alongside in my personal life.

Down Syndrome: My experiences with Down Syndrome lie in a youth group specifically for SEN children which I volunteered at for around three years.

I hope this gives you more of a picture about my experiences and knowledge I can offer you and would be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Kindest regards,


Liam Taylor

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