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A highly competent and enthusiastic child/carer/support worker with a warm and kind personality, superb communication skills and a passion for caring for others. Multi skilled and self motivated with a dedication for providing good quality personal and physical care in a person centred way. I have spent a total of 8 years within a primary school setting, mainly in key stage 1, specialising in Early years - EYFS - ‘every child matters’ - learning through play and in particular, SEN. Maintaining faith and integrity in my relationships with all of the children, not just the little people I worked with in particular, became incredibly important to me — I understand that children need stability and consistency, someone they can rely on and trust implicitly and also have the best adventures with! Also I recognise that I am super maternal and love to nurture and nourish with compassion, love and fun - I relate to children of all ages, enjoy being around them very much and learn from them how to be an exceptional role model myself. I have had girls I taught in reception, before going off to grammar school, come to my home for sleepovers when they were 11 years old, which meant so much to me! I have personally kept in contact with many many families, parents and children I have had the pleasure of working with over the years.

I’m lucky enough to have gained a wondrous wealth of all sorts of hands-on childcare experience, including bringing up my own 3 exceptional human beings (now fully fledged adults) - I have had plenty of involvement in ’PA’ work - which is providing respite for families whilst caring for their severely autistic children in their own homes. I am currently registered & have been for the last 6 years - with two sitter/childcare agencies, who grant me incredible opportunities for me to expand my passion for caring for and having fun with children in all sorts of settings- I travelled to the south of France last year for 11 days, meeting the family there and having sole charge of the parents one year old son - providing nurture, stimulation, activities both indoor and outdoor, bathing/dressing/feeding, provided all round excellent housekeeping skills and cooked for the family whilst there.

As well as working with the agencies mentioned above, I have spent the last 5 years working full time as a care/support worker for adults who have learning disabilities, empowering them to be as independent as possible according to their needs - this experience has provided me with outstanding interpersonal skills and incredible training/learning opportunities for which I’m super grateful for. I loved bringing sunshine & joy to these individuals lives!

My own well being is important to me ~ I am super healthy with a good diet and lots of nutritional knowledge - I exercise/walk & do yoga daily and practice meditation twice a day for inner peace and clarity. I am a compassionate soul with a huge sense of fun and positivity. I have gained exceptional interpersonal skills over the years - am able to stay calm under pressure and enjoy communicating well. I love food and cooking very much, have always got 1 or 3 books on the go, love travelling/culture/diversity and always eager to learn new skills. I’m totally flexible and perfectly adaptable to any situation. I’m curious, confident, love an adventure, am interested in everything! I’m open minded, mindful, eager/enthusiastic, full of good energy and absolutely love life! I am an experienced, confident driver - I have a new reliable car and a clean driving licence held for over 25years - I can drive both manual and automatic cars. I am a non smoker and am an animal lover. The skills in childcare provision and hands on experience I have gained, along with my positive attitude & friendly nature position me to excel in any role. I am eager to accept a new opportunity and the chance to have an amazing positive impact not only in your children’s lives, but as a family team - working in partnership with you to do our very best in order for your children to thrive and have the best time in their lives!

*I am currently self employed and registered with a babysitting company: and also with a care company: *I am a member of The National association of carers and support workers.

*i have recently taken part in research for the imperial college of London and tested Negative for COVID-19 in July 2020*

*I can provide several up to date written personal references on request*



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