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Congratulations, you've hired a Sennie! 

Draft contract of employment

Download here. You can also book a free contract support call with SENNIES here

Book a call with SENNIES 

You and your Sennie can book a call with us during your placement using this link

ACAS document

Download here and read more about ACAS here

Employers Tax and Pension Contributions 

We recommend using this calculator to estimate cost as an employer 

Employer Liability Insurance 

We recommend Morton Michel  

Payroll & HR 

We recommend Nanny Tax and can refer you for 5% off

Holiday calculator 

We recommend using this calculator 

Training and Support

We recommend offering your Sennie training to support their development in the role throughout their time with you or at least once per year.


Check out our training packages here!

What to do next:


Discuss and decide the following with your new Sennie:

  • Confirm start date and anything they need to prepare for first day

  • Amend contact (sample contract can be found here)

  • Arrange payroll and pensions (using the links above)

  • Arrange a Sennie starter pack, this may include: 

    • House key (if needed)

    • Petty cash or bank card (We recommend your Sennie provides receipts weekly for petty cash spent)

    • Household Rules (view our examples here and here)  

  • Details of your child(ren)'s dietary and medical requirements

  • Write up a routine to give to the Sennie on their first day

  • Training program, if required

  • Expectations for the role (be as clear as possible about what you want to achieve from hiring a professional Sennie)

We will pre-book a catch-up with you to see how things are going, and you will receive an email confirmation of this call shortly. You can reschedule this meeting to a more suitable time, or bring it forward if needed. We will book a follow-up call with your Sennie after our 1-month check-in. 


As a reminder, we do not employ anyone. We are an introduction agency, so you will be the Employer, and the Sennie you selected will become your Employee. If you have any concerns regarding your Sennie, please feel free to contact us or book a call here. We are also here to support your Sennie throughout their placement and they can also use the link which we will send to them directly.

Your SENNIES Guarantee will begin from your Sennie’s first day of employment. If, for any reason, things do not work out during your guarantee period, we will re-advertise and restart your Sennies search for another 8 weeks, free of charge. If you opted into our extended guarantee for £75 + VAT per month (£90 in total), you still get the first month for free. You can be subscribed for up to six months, and you can also cancel at any time with a month's notice, but once cancelled, you cannot rejoin. 

We wish you and your Sennie the very best of luck! 



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