About Us

SENNIES is a specialist recruiter helping families in London and the surrounding areas find the perfect Sennie (Special Educational Needs Nanny/Teacher/Carer) suited to their specific needs and requirements.

We know how difficult and time consuming it can be to find the right Sennie for your family and specifically for your child with Special Educational Needs.


We believe that every child has the right to grow in a fun, safe and inclusive environment.


At SENNIES we understand how important it is to find the right personality and experience to join your family. Each and every one of our Sennies demonstrates a flexible, understanding, creative approach and are continually supported by us.


Read on to learn more about what we do and contact us to find the best match for your family. 

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Meet the team

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Head of Recruitment  

Anthony is an experienced SEN Recruitment Consultant, who joined SENNIES to help source and qualify our ever growing community.


He comes with a wealth of experience, as prior to SENNIES, he worked as a Recruitment Consultant for a leading SEN agency, providing learning support staff and 1:1 support, in SEN schools all over the UK. 


Graduating the with a first class degree in Musical Theatre, it is no surprise that Anthony has also worked in the performance world! During this time he had the opportunity to lead teams, shows and child friendly entertainment/activities all over Europe, his favourite destination being Lapland!


Anthony has also worked as a Sennie, providing fantastic babysitting services and additional support, to families Georgia has worked with personally over the years.



Lead Trainer and Family Advisor  

BSc Physical Therapies

MA Autism

SEN Pg Cert. of Education


We have partnered with the incredible Vicky Brewer who runs iAAS - A safe space for parents, carers and professionals to access training, coaching, CBT and family consultancy to best support Autistic children, young people and adults, including those with a diagnosis of PDA. 


Vicky has over 15 years’ of experience working as an SEN trainer, private Sennie/nanny, a teacher in various special schools and units, running an elite childcare facility and in an advisory role for the council.​


As a qualified Solution focused practitioner, we believe Victoria is an invaluable member of the SENNIES team. 




Elinor graduated from Drama school and along side her acting career she is also an experienced Super Sennie and SEN Advocate.


Elinor was diagnosed Autistic when she was 10 years old, and most recently with ADHD as an adult.

"I understand how scary it can be to hear that a child or loved one is living with something that is likely to make their everyday life more ‘difficult’ and require certain adjustments. However I also see how wonderful and exceptional people who see the world differently can be, and how if given the right support and understanding, can really thrive and flourish."

Read Elinor's full introductory blog post here



CEO & Co-Founder

Georgia has a degree in Performing Arts and 10 years of SEN childcare experience within both the school and home environment.

As an experienced Super Sennie herself, Georgia discovered that the current SEN Childcare market was, in her view, overpriced, under-trained and largely unfair on both nannies and families alike - SENNIES aim to change this.


It comes as no shock that she is deeply passionate about helping young people of all abilities, become more independent within society, promoting positive behaviours       through creative activities, provided by quality, consistent and resilient child carers.


Georgia is a neurodiverse women with ADHD and  feels it is her super power in terms of her successes! She hopes to share how positive neurodiversity can be with the right support. 

She understands how the role has it's challenges, so offers hands on support for Sennies placed with us. 


Georgia is also an aspiring singer and  songwriter.



Co owner and founder 

Tobi has a degree in business management and has experience in creating and leading businesses.


He has co-founded SENNIES to help with their social mission to ensure everyone has access to quality Special Educational Needs child carers.


Having grown up in close circles around people with ADHD, Autism & Down Syndrome, he understands the joy and the challenges associated. His role at SENNIES is to ensure we deliver a quality service for all.

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Recruitment assistant

Ria not only works for SENNIES HQ but she is also current a Live in, part time Sennie and absolutely smashing it in her role! She knows all about the SENNIES process and how to land your dream role from the inside out!  Prior to working for SENNIES HQ and as a Sennie she recently completed a university degree in Psychology so has a deeper understanding of SEN and cannot wait to discuss your experience in more detail with you.



Anita has worked for the NHS for over 20 years as well as a number of charities, so it's no surprise that her aim in life has always been to help others.


As a SEN parent she makes the perfect addition to the SENNIES family, adding a parents perspective into the values and heart of SENNIES.


She knows exactly what we are looking for when resourcing new Sennies to join our community.



Digital Marketing 

Will is a digital marketing expert who's helping to drive SENNIES' resourcing, digital platforms and marketing. 

Our mission is close to his heart having grown up with a brother who has multiple SENs including Down Syndrome. Will takes pride in caring for his brother and wants everyone to have access to a Sennie.

Additional recruitment  


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Your SEN Childcare Solution

Juggling life and a career is a challenge. When a member of your family has Special Educational Needs, life can become more challenging to manage family activities. Let us help you find the right Sennie for your families' unique needs. 

We match Sennies with the right family by having a personalised and thorough recruitment process - saving you time, money and sparing frustration.


We pride ourselves on fully understanding the needs and requirements of all of our families. In addition, we review each Sennie to challenge their specific skill set and understand how we can best support them in finding the right family for them to shine. This allows us to be the perfect matchmakers.

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