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Placement Fees & Process

Option 1

Registration fee

£700 + VAT per year

Unlimited SENNIES Searches

Placement fee

For every week a Sennie is employed you will be charged the fee below 

Hourly rate

The amount you pay your Sennie depends on the hours and roles, please see below.

Please note you must hire a Sennie for a minimum of 4 consecutive hours per day

Hourly rate is paid directly to the Sennie

Registration fee

£500 + VAT

Permanent roles:


- Access to our online matching portal and 1 x 8-week search

Part-time roles:


- Pay the hourly rate only when a Sennie is placed in your role

- Registration fee is one-time unless you request to replace more than 3 Sennies within a year

- If a Sennie leaves your role through no fault of your own, we will aim to replace them as soon as possible

Final placement fee

Permanent roles:

For London and surrounding areas, upon successfully hiring a Sennie, you will be invoiced a final placement fee of 14% of the Sennie's annual gross salary + VAT.

Part-time roles:

You will be invoiced monthly for the minimum committed hours and any agreed overtime at a rate of £32 per hour + VAT

Outside of London &

International placements -

Please enquire within

SENNIES Guarantee

Permanent roles only:

  • Everyone gets 1 month free

  • HOWEVER you can subscribe to our Extended guarantee and pay a low monthly fee of £75+ VAT for up to 6 months of employment.

  • You will not be charged until the 2nd month of employment, and you can cancel the subscription anytime with a months notice. However, you cannot rejoin. 

Hourly rate

Permanent roles:

  • You take on the role of the employer.

  • You have the freedom to select your preferred Sennie and directly handle their payment.

  • The rate of pay will vary depending on the hours and specific roles. Please refer to the details below for more information.

Part time roles:

  • £32 per hour +VAT  paid to SENNIES

  • No need to worry about becoming an employer, we take care of everything for you!​

  • Term time-only commitment 

Sennie Hourly rate of pay:

Hourly rates (Gross)

(Paid directly to the Sennie)


Super Sennie 



£17 – £20 per hour gross

£20 – £25 per hour gross

Rates vary – Enquire within


PART-TIME ROLES (12 - 28 hour per week)

Hourly rates

(Paid directly to SENNIES Ltd.)

£32 per hou+VAT (includes all costs)

Varies – please enquire within 


Included in a Permanent SENNIES Search 

- Minimum £30k per annum gross

  • Writing a detailed job description

  • Review of job description review if initial results are not satisfactory

  • Sourcing, vetting, and qualifying suitable Sennies for you to review

  • Access to our online matching system during an active search

  • Posting your role on free and paid job sites, as well as internally and externally on our website

  • Telephone and email support, including catch-up calls before and after interviews/trials, as needed

  • Sharing chosen Sennies' documents (including 2 written references, identification, Enhanced DBS checks, and relevant certificates) once the offer is accepted and checks are complete (subject to successful compliance checks)

  • Draft contract of employment

  • Recommendations on becoming an employer, including support with payslips, pensions, insurance, and more!

  • Check-in calls once Sennie is placed in your role

Included in a Part-time SENNIES Search 

- Minimum commitment 12 - 28 hours per week 

  • We will source, vet, and place a suitable candidate with a minimum of 2 years of SEN experience, either within a school or home setting.

  • To alleviate employer responsibilities, we will engage our trusted partner to handle all necessary obligations for the role and provide insurance to the candidate.

  • The hourly rate we charge covers all costs involved and we make the admin as easy as possible for your part-time role.

  • You will be required to commit to a minimum of 12 hours per week 

  • Continuous training and support will be provided for your Sennie throughout their employment, ensuring they stay updated and equipped.

  • Yearly pay raises will be offered, up to the maximum hourly rate covered by SENNIES, ensuring fair compensation for their time in the role. 

  • We will provide monthly timesheets for you and your Sennie to complete, simplifying the payment process.

  • In the event that a Sennie leaves, our aim is to promptly replace them, minimising any disruption to your support. 

  • Check-in calls will be conducted once the Sennie is placed to ensure ongoing communication and satisfaction.



SENNIES Search process 

Full-Time roles 

  1. Register with SENNIES by paying the Registration Fee (£500 +VAT) and completing the online profile.

  2. Sign this agreement and waiver.

  3. Within five working days, SENNIES will write a detailed job description and send it to you for review.

  4. We will arrange a call to discuss the job description, set your matching preferences in your online account, and manage your expectations for the search. Following this call, we will book in bi-weekly calls with us throughout your search

  5. Once your role is live, please have a look at your online account to review the potentials we have identified and provide us with feedback.

  6. We will send you Sennies who have shown active interest to review via email, including their profile, CV, and SENNIES interview feedback. You can 'like' or decline the profile through your profile, phone, or email.

  7. We will facilitate a mutual introduction to the Sennies you are interested in meeting with and support you in setting up interviews and trials.

  8. The process includes one online or face-to-face interview, and two trials. These are paid at a reduced rate of £11 per hour directly to the Sennie. Trials are a minimum of 4 hours per day.

  9. After meeting each candidate, you will accept or decline and provide us with feedback.

  10. Once you are ready to make an offer, we will send you an offer letter to complete. We will share this with your Sennie, and support any negotiations as needed.

  11. After the offer has been accepted by the Sennie, and we have sent you all of their compliance documents, your placement fee (14% of the Sennie's gross annual salary + VAT) will be invoiced. It is due within 5 working days to avoid a late fee.

  12. Once payment is received, we can set up your standard or extended SENNIES guarantee and share our draft contract for you to edit and complete. We can assist you and your Sennie if you require support with signing the contract. 

  13. We will pre-book a check-in call with you and your Sennie to see how things are going after the first two weeks. You will also have a link to book a call as and when you need.

  14. We can discuss or pre-book a free 30-minute coaching call for your Sennie once they settle into the role.

  15. Lastly, we will fill you in on all the training and support we have on offer, so you and your Sennie can utilise it as and when needed for a discounted rate! 

SENNIES Search process

Part-Time roles  

  1. To register for a SENNIES Part-Time placement, please contact us via email at to book a call with one of the team. In this call we will gather relevant information related to your role to ensure we find the best match from our registered part-time Sennies.

  2. After a call, please complete your online profile and kindly proceed to pay the Registration Fee (£500 +VAT) 

  3. Sign this agreement and waiver.

  4. Within five working days, SENNIES will write your job description and send it to you to review.

  5. Once your role is live, we will send you up to 3 Sennies who have shown active interest in your role to review via email, including their profile, CV, and SENNIES interview feedback. You can 'like' or decline the profile through your profile, phone, or email.

  6. Please note, the Registration Fee covers various expenses, including advertising your role, registering a Sennie with the umbrella company, conducting enhanced DBS checks, and providing training to set the selected Sennie up for success. Subsequently, you will be billed £32 per hour +VAT for the hours completed by your Sennie on a monthly basis.

  7. As the Client, you will be required to complete a monthly timesheet with your Sennie and commit to a minimum number of hours per week, starting from a minimum of 12 hours per week. We recommend that you run a Full-Time SENNIES search if you require more than 28 hours per week.

  8. Once a suitable Sennie has been selected for your role, you will be invoiced one month in advance. Simultaneously, the Sennie will register with the umbrella company, which will provide insurance coverage for the Sennie's employment and take on all responsibilities as their employer.

  9. The payment process operates as follows: you make payments to SENNIES, SENNIES makes payments to the umbrella company, and the umbrella company pays the Sennie.

  10. In the event of late payment to SENNIES, the Client shall incur a late fee of 10% of the outstanding invoice amount for each week that the invoice remains unpaid.

  11. By proceeding with the registration and payment, you confirm your understanding and acceptance of the above process for finding a part-time Sennie through SENNIES and utilising the services of the umbrella company.

Additional costs to consider when employing a Sennie for a permanent role
Please note, if you are using our part-time model, then we cover everything for you at the hourly rate!  

Employer's tax & pension

contributions (if applicable)

Employers liability insurance


Your Sennies annual leave 

Career progression

Career development 


We recommend using this calculator.

We recommend Morton Michel 



We recommend Nanny Tax and can refer you with a discount code


You choose 50% and they choose 50%. Account for if you need a temp in the time they are off.

Please use this calculator 


For retention, you should consider an annual pay review 



We recommend offering your Sennie training to support their development in the role throughout their time with you or at least once per year. 

SENNIES is VAT registered; hence, all fees will have an additional VAT applied.

VAT Number: 391246589


SENNIES is an introductory agency, meaning the employment contract will not be through SENNIES and instead be directly between the Family and the Sennie selected.

SENNIES are dedicated to their work supporting those with additional needs, as such, we are able to provide a small number of reduced price placements each year to families with extenuating circumstances. This is provided on a case by case basis and requires proof that the family is otherwise unable to cover the full fees as listed above. To discuss your specific situation, please get in touch.

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