Terms & Conditions

SENNIES Term & Conditions 2019 for utilising ‘SENNIES service’

In the proceeding Terms and Conditions, as set out by SENNIES Special Educational Needs Childcare Agency, the following expressions/terms will mean as follows:


'Sennie' : refers to a person or persons who are looking to find potential employment via SENNIES LTD -  referred to as “SENNIES” throughout the remainder of our Terms & Conditions.


'Client': refers to any person or persons, partnership, company or other organisation who uses the SENNIES service to find and employ a 'Sennie'. 

 'Process': refers to the search and recruitment operations undertaken by SENNIES in order to vet and qualify the 'Sennie(s)' to ensure suitability and quality of service provided by said 'Sennie' when undertaking a role they have been introduced for. 

'SENNIES Search': refers to the period of time in which our services have been rendered to run our 'Process' in order to supply the 'Client' with suitable 'Sennie(s)'.

'Engagement': refers to the time period in which an agreement has been made between 'SENNIES' and the 'Client' to begin a 'SENNIES Search' once all terms have been agreed to and appropriate fees have been paid. 

'Introductory Service': refers to the nature of 'SENNIES' terms of engagement whereby SENNIES acts as an introductory agency only, meaning the employment contract will not be through SENNIES and instead be directly between the 'Client' and 'Sennie' selected. 

‘Commitment Fee’: refers to the minimum payment required to begin the ‘engagement’ with SENNIES - the ‘Commitment Fee’ fee is 50% of the overall amount that has been quoted to the ‘Client’ who wishes to use our service. 

‘SENNIES network’: refers to the large database of ‘Sennie(s)’ who have been registered and vetted by our team as suitable and experienced candidates. The ‘SENNIES network’ also includes the various websites and resources we use to help source and recruit new ‘Sennie(s)’

Agreement to these Terms and Conditions


By using our services, returning and signing either our 'Client' VACANCY REGISTRATION form OR our 'Sennie(s)' CODE OF CONDUCT you are thereby entering into a contract with SENNIES, 'Clients' and 'Sennie(s)' are deemed to have accepted these SENNIES LTD Terms and Conditions and our fees.

By registering with SENNIES as a 'Sennie' you are deemed to have accepted these SENNIES LTD Terms and Conditions

What we do:

This section sets out what SENNIES will do on behalf of 'Clients' and 'Sennies'.

    1. SENNIES offer a bespoke recruitment and introductory service in which the 'Client' and 'SENNIES' enter a term of 'Engagement' over an 8 week period*.


2. The 'Process' begins when our vacancy registration form has been signed, returned & commitment fee received. For additional information regarding our 'Process' please see this section of our website. 

3. The 'SENNIES search' runs for 8 weeks and is offered as an 'introductory service'.  Any SENNIES 'Client' employing a 'Sennie', must ensure they take care of full employment responsibility for the 'Sennie' including; Tax and National Insurance contributions, payslips and pension contributions as per UK law. 


For further guidance on the above, please visit:


*8 weeks is offered as standard as this is usually a sufficient amount of time to procure and process a suitable 'Sennie', however this is subject to change depending on the requirements of the 'Client' whom we will work with to find the best and most reasonable option. Please note that all terms must be agreed to in writing.

Our responsibilities

This section sets out our responsibilities as a company.


 1. SENNIES Guarantee

Whilst we take every necessary action to ensure all of our 'Sennie' placements are successful, there may be times when, through no fault of the 'Client', something may occur whereby the 'Sennie' is no longer able to continue to undertake the role. 

To ensure peace of mind, we offer our ‘SENNIES guarantee’ for a period of 30 days after a placement has been made. This means that SENNIES will endeavour to find a suitable replacement, based on the original requirements provided only, within 4 weeks of receiving written notification of termination/resignation by the 'Client' or 'Sennie'.

Any amendments made to the original job description or Sennie role, including but not limited to days, times or additional duties, will be viewed as creating a new Sennie role. Therefore this will not be covered by your Sennie guarantee and you will be invoiced for the full Sennies fee associated to your new placement.

Please note that only one free replacement will be made for each placement.

​SENNIES offer an extended guarantee for an additional cost. This must be purchased within 7 days of receiving your final invoice.


 2. Creating your Job Description

Once a ‘Client’ has entered into a period of ‘Engagement’ with SENNIES - SENNIES will work alongside the ‘Client’ to create a job description for their role. SENNIES requires necessary and important specifications such as: Location, rate of pay, hours/days, living arrangements and specific special educational needs assistance required, along with any relevant and useful information regarding the family and the child/children for whom they are looking for / care for. Once this has been confirmed by the ‘Client’ - SENNIES will then formulate a fantastic advert/job description to be reviewed and signed off on by the ‘Client’.

Once an advert/job description has been confirmed, gone live and has been shared within the SENNIES network, SENNIES are not expected to make any further or major changes to the job description. 

Any amendments needing to be made to the job description, outside of reasonable or mitigating circumstances (at the discretion of SENNIES), will be viewed as creating a new role / description and will therefore incur an additional fee. 

 3. Communication

SENNIES will provide clear and prompt communication and respond to all ‘Client(s)’ and ‘Sennie’ communications as soon as possible and within 1-2 working days. Whilst SENNIES takes every measure to be available to support ‘Client(s)’ and ‘Sennie(s)’ as quickly and efficiently as possible, we are not able to respond to communications outside of our office hours. These hours fall between 9am - 6pm, Monday - Friday. Any urgent communications should be made during these times to ensure your request can be responded to in a timely manner. We cannot guarantee response to correspondence outside of these times and days. Should an emergency arise regarding a ‘Sennie’ or ‘Client’ during unsociable hours, we request that the ‘Sennie’ and/or ‘Client’ contact one another directly to resolve any immediate issues. 


2. Our 'Process'

1. SENNIES will endeavour to make sure both 'Sennie' and 'Client' are well suited to one another and that both parties are meeting the requirements of the advertised position before any introduction.


​All job descriptions/adverts created and shared by SENNIES both externally and within the SENNIES network will be proofread and checked over by the 'Client' before going live. SENNIES will take every precaution to make certain that no job description is discriminatory and is in line with UK law, however we cannot be held responsible for any mistakes or errors within our job descriptions and it is the responsibility of the 'Client' to ensure there is no untrue or misleading information within the job specification. 

SENNIES reserve the right to refuse to advertise or promote job roles / descriptions we feel promote unacceptable or unfair working terms and conditions or do not follow the guidelines above.  SENNIES will work with our clients to make sure job descriptions attract the best Sennie prior to making a job live.


​2. All 'Sennie(s)' are subject to a comprehensive background check including but not limited to: an Enhanced Disclosure and Barring service check, a minimum of 2 professional references, and proof of identity. We collect all necessary identification documents, but it is important that the 'Client' also sees the physical document and collects their own copies for their reference. 

​Whilst we carry out the above checks and thorough interviews with 'Sennie' and 'Client' - we cannot provide a guarantee relating to the history/background or character of either party.

Please note that we also cannot register someone as a ‘Sennie’ if they are an international applicant who has not been in the U.K for a minimum of 6 months, as this means we cannot complete all necessary background checks. 

SENNIES also cannot accept responsibility or liability for any damage, loss or personal injury during the course of engagement and employment. 

3. Once the ‘Client’ has selected the ‘Sennie’ or ‘Sennies’ they would like to interview, they must notify SENNIES who will organise a suitable time for introduction. Once a decision has been reached by the ‘Client’ and if/when they would like to invite a ‘Sennie’ for a trial or make a formal offer, SENNIES will liaise with the ‘Sennie(s)’ to confirm and provide contract guidance and advice where necessary. 

After an introduction has been made, it is the ‘Client(s)’ responsibility to contact the ‘Sennie’ for any additional information or to ask further questions relating to their ability or availability. However, all formal job offers must be made through / via SENNIES.

'Clients' may book a maximum of 2 days for a trial with a 'Sennie'. The 'Sennie(s)' must be paid for their trial shifts which is payable directly to the 'Sennie'.

We work with our families and ‘Sennies’ to make this an easy, seamless process for all and we request that we are made aware of all communications within 3 working days, until such a time as the ‘Client’ has officially entered into an employment contract with a ‘Sennie’.

4.  ‘Clients’ must not introduce any ‘Sennie’ to any third party before first going through SENNIES. 

If we are made aware that an introduction has been made without our prior knowledge, the ‘Client’ will be liable to pay the full cost of a Full-Time SENNIES placement plus, an additional 10% of the fee.

 Similarly, any ‘Sennie’ who has received details of a ‘Client’ through SENNIES, shall not undertake any additional work / placements / contracts with the ‘Client’ without first contacting SENNIES. If SENNIES is made aware of any contracted work that has been arranged privately or via another third party, SENNIES reserves the right to claim for loss of earnings and breach of contract which both the ‘Sennie’ and ‘Client’ would be liable to provide compensation for. 

SENNIES may pursue legal action and/or terminate the ‘Sennie(s)’ agreement with SENNIES with immediate effect.  

3. Payment and Liabilities

 1. SENNIES rates of service vary based on the specific requirements of the role/position and terms, a personal quote will be provided once we have obtained all of the necessary information needed to do so. 


 2. To begin a ‘SENNIES search’ we first require the ’Commitment Fee’. The remainder of the balance is then due once a ‘Sennie’ has been offered and subsequently accepts the role. 

3. Once a ‘Clients’ role has been filled, an invoice will be issued - please note this is dated from the day the position has been offered and accepted and not on the ‘Sennies’ first day of contracted work. 

 4. The remaining balance must be paid within 7 days of receipt of invoice. Late payment will incur a 10% surcharge along with any other unpaid fees that have not been settled within this period . For every addition week of late payment, a further 10% will be added to your final placement fee. We reserve the right to re-claim any costs incurred as a result of chasing late payment.

5. Payments should be made via BACS / Direct Debit / Bank Transfer unless agreed otherwise with SENNIES in writing. Any fees or charges including the commitment fee and placement fee should be made to the following account:​

Payment details:

Account Name: Sennies

Sort code: 23-69-72

Account number: 20851337

6. Should a ‘Client’ who has used SENNIES to fill a temporary and / or part -time position choose to increase/extend the contract with a ‘Sennie’ within a 1 year period, both the ‘Client’ and ‘Sennie’ are required to inform us. Due to our temporary and part - time placements being offered at a lower rate, the ‘Client’ may then be required to amend their payment to reflect the new terms / conditions of the job role. We will calculate this once we have received notice of the change and provide an invoice to the ‘Client’ for the relevant amount.

Failure to inform us of these changes will result in the ‘Client’ and/or ‘Sennie’ being liable to pay an additional Full-Time fee as compensation for loss of earnings and breach of contract.

7. If a position that has been offered by a ‘Client’ to a ‘Sennie’ and is subsequently accepted is then withdrawn by the ‘Client’ - the ‘Client’ will be liable to pay the full placement fee, even if no employment contracts have been signed. In addition, the ‘Client’ is expected to pay the ‘Sennie’ recompense of one week's pay.

8.  Where a position is offered and accepted, but then the details of the position are changed after the fact so as to make the position untenable, the ‘Client’ will still be liable for their full SENNIES placement fee. 

4. Refund Policy

In the unlikely event that you are not 100% happy with your SENNIES service, the following refund policies apply.

1. 25% of the ‘Commitment Fee’ is refundable if/when a job role has been live for a minimum of 8 weeks, during which time SENNIES has provided the ‘Client’ with up to 3 suitable ‘Sennie’ profiles, the ‘Client’ has not been able to successfully hire one of the ‘Sennie(s)’ supplied and subsequently confirms in writing that they would like to end their SENNIES Search.

 2. A full refund of the ‘Commitment Fee’ will be issued in the extremely unlikely scenario that SENNIES are unable to provide any suitable ‘Sennie(s)’ and/or send any relevant ‘Sennie’ Profiles during your’ SENNIES search’. And the Employer confirms they would like to end their ‘SENNIES search’ in writing.

3. The Commitment Fee is non-refundable should the following occur:

· The ‘Client’ chooses to stop their ‘SENNIES search’, before the 8 week period has ended.

· The ‘Client’ requests to make changes to the role/job description that mean we have to initiate a new ‘SENNIES search’ and restart the ‘Process’.

· The ‘Client’ decides and confirms in writing that they do not wish to continue their ‘SENNIES search’ but they have received 4 or more suitable ‘Sennie(s)’ and their profiles for consideration.

5. Customer Satisfaction

 SENNIES endeavours to provide an outstanding service, however if you find you are unhappy with any part of the SENNIES service and wish to provide feedback or make a formal complaint regarding SENNIES or a team member, please contact Tobi Jackman (Director) by telephone 07876688767, Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 5.30pm or by email to info@sennies.co.uk. 

We will investigate your complaint and ensure we reply to your concerns within 10 working days.​

6.  GDPR Compliancy-

SENNIES are fully compliant with GDPR regulations and are currently in the process of updating our full measures and details.​

5. Code of Conduct / Parent Partnership

 1. All ‘Sennie(s)’ must read, agree to and sign our ‘Sennies Code of Conduct’ (A copy of which shall be provided electronically) - by registering with SENNIES you agree not to breach our Terms & Conditions including engaging in any direct competition with SENNIES; this includes opening any business similar to or relating to SENNIES such as a ‘Childcare agency’ or any service providing child carers whilst you are a member of the SENNIES team and for up to 12 months in the event of your leaving SENNIES.


2. Where a ‘Client’ has signed our ‘Vacancy registration form’ they are therefore entering into a contract with SENNIES, and are deemed to have accepted these SENNIES LTD Terms and Conditions, Fees and the jurisdiction of English Law.


SENNIES is part of Sennies LTD Company Number 12200922. Registered Company Address: 160 Kemp House City Road, London, England, EC1V 2NX. Terms last updated 1st August 2020

By signing our Vacancy registration form, registering with SENNIES as a child carer, signing our SENNIES Code of Conduct or Partnership agreement you hereby accept our terms and conditions.

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