SENNIES / Scott Dunn

SENNIES is proud to partner with Scott Dunn to provide a holiday Sennie (SEN Nanny/Carer/Teacher/Specialist) for children who have Additional and/or Special Needs whilst attending the Explorers Kid's club on a Scott Dunn Holiday

Step by step guide!

  1. Book your Scott Dunn holiday and the Scott Dunn Team will enquire if any of your children require 1:1 or additional support

  2. Scott Dunn will send you an online SENNIES form to complete 

  3. SENNIES may ask to arrange a call to further discuss your role in more detail should you have a complex care role

  4. SENNIES will source and vet a quality Sennie (SEN Nanny/Carer/Teacher/Specialist) to support your child on a 1:1 basis whilst abroad with Scott Dunn!

  5. A video call between your family and the selected Sennie will be arranged up to one week before travel 

  6. The Sennie will travel to the destination 1 day prior to your arrival to assess the surroundings and get to know the hotel you are staying in

  7. You and the Sennie will exchange phone numbers and agree on the timings for the day based on your predicted pickup and drop-off times.

    1. This is to ensure we can have your little ones ready for collection and prepared for lunchtime or home time transition. 

  8. Your Sennie will aim to keep your child in the group and only get involved in group activities/conversation as and when needed. However, for children who find the environment too overwhelming or find it more challenging to take part in group activities, your Sennie will be able to take your child on their own adventure, prioritising your child's needs and creating an individual schedule as required. This may include more sensory play, more/less time at the beach or by the pool or an adjusted schedule to suit a child's individual needs. 

  9. If you would like to receive updates throughout the day or photos of your child please let your Sennie know and they can aim to keep you updated throughout the day so you can enjoy your holiday knowing your little one is having a great time!

  10. A Sennie cannot administer medication but they can ensure to meet you at your preferred destination should your child need to be given medication by you during the day 

  11. If your child has a restricted diet or is a fussy eater then please feel free to let the Scott Dunn team know ahead of time to see if they can provide preferred foods and textures as part of the included lunchtime meal. You can also choose to collect your child for lunch and drop them back off afterwards if you prefer to eat as a family. Some children also prefer to snack throughout the day, so please feel free to bring additional snacks/meals to leave with your Sennie to ensure your little one is energised for the day. 

  12. As this is a new partnership we will send you a survey after your holiday to complete, to find out how you feel it went. This will allow us to continue developing this one of a kind, inclusive service! 

​As an introduction agency we have Sennies with a wide variety of experience which includes but is not limited to:

  • Teaching assistants / SEN 1:1's 

  • Therapists / Therapy assistants 

  • Teachers & tutors

  • Special Educational Needs Nannies

  • Neurodivergent Nannies

  • SEN Carers

  • Teaching assistants / SEN 1:1's 

  • Graduates and Students (Studies relating to SEN and/or childcare)


All Sennies must pass our compliance checks and have at least 2 years of experience in SEN childcare including a sole charge childcare role. 

SENNIES opened to the public in January 2020 and is already the leading Special Educational Needs childcare introduction service in the UK.

We help families and clients source, train and place quality SEN childcare at a lower fee than all industry competitors. We even offer an affordable subscription model which includes support, advice and training! Scott Dunn have partnered with SENNIES to ensure they can provide and include service!

SENNIES is run by a dedicated team of neurodivergent ‘Super Sennies’ who have decades of professional and personal experience within Special Educational Needs in both the private care and educational sectors.

 Don't just take our word for it, check out our incredible Trustpilot Reviews here!