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SENNIES X Scott Dunn
Holiday Partnership

SENNIES is proud to partner with Scott Dunn to provide 1:1

holiday Sennie's (SEN Nannies/Carers/Specialist) for children

with Additional and/or Special Needs.

Step-by-step guide!

  1. Book Your Scott Dunn Holiday: Share your family's unique needs with the Scott Dunn team.

  2. Complete Online SENNIES Form: Keep an eye on your inbox for the SENNIES form from Scott Dunn.

  3. Expect a Chat: SENNIES might reach out for a detailed call if we are missing any information to find you the perfect match.

  4. Source and Vet Your Sennie: SENNIES will find a top-notch Sennie for 1:1 support during your Scott Dunn adventure.

  5. Video Call Introduction: Connect with your chosen Sennie through a pre-travel video call, arranged within a week before departure.

  6. Destination Assessment: Whenever feasible, the Sennie will journey to the destination ahead of your arrival to familiarise themselves with the surroundings and become acquainted with the hotel where you will be staying.

  7. Coordinate and Agree: You and the designated Sennie will share contact numbers and collaboratively set a schedule and timings for the day according to your family's plans. This coordination ensures that your children are all set for pick-ups, lunchtime, family activities, or winding down by the end of the day.

  8. Versatile Support: Your chosen Sennie can provide assistance to your child at the children's club, offer one-on-one support within the hotel premises, or join you and your family during activities, all within the kids' club operating hours. Kindly keep in mind that if you decide to take the Sennie off-site during lunchtime, you will need to provide them with lunch. Additionally, it's your responsibility to ensure their safe return to the hotel by the end of their shift.

  9. Club Inclusion: For children who join the children's club, the Sennie's goal is to keep your child engaged within the group and participate in group activities/conversations as necessary. Nevertheless, for kids who might feel overwhelmed by the setting or struggle with group activities, the Sennie can embark on a personalised adventure with your child. This approach places your child's needs first, crafting a unique schedule that could involve increased sensory play, adjusted time at the beach or pool, or any modifications needed to cater to their individual preferences and requirements.

  10. Stay Connected: Should you desire to stay updated with your child's progress or receive photos during the day, kindly inform your Sennie. They will make an effort to provide you with regular updates, enabling you to fully enjoy your holiday while knowing your little one is having a fantastic time!

  11. Medication Assistance: While a Sennie cannot handle medication administration, they can arrange to meet you at your chosen location if your child requires medication to be given by you during the day.

  12. Dietary Care: Should your child have dietary restrictions or particular eating habits, don't hesitate to inform the Scott Dunn team in advance. They can explore the possibility of accommodating your child's preferred foods and textures as part of the provided lunchtime meal. Alternatively, you have the option to pick up your child for lunch and then drop them back off if you prefer a family mealtime. Moreover, some kids enjoy snacking throughout the day, so feel free to bring extra snacks or meals to leave with your Sennie. This ensures your little one stays energised and ready for an enjoyable day.

  13. Share Your Experience: After your holiday, we'll send you a survey. Your feedback shapes our exceptional service.

  14. Bonus Babysitting: Some Sennies are happy to provide extra evening babysitting services or overtime when accompanying activities beyond the resort. Payments for these services are made directly to them at their hourly rate. You are welcome to have a direct conversation with your chosen Sennie if you're interested in utilising these additional services.

​As an introduction agency, we have Sennies with a wide variety of experience, which includes but is not limited to:

  • SEN Teaching assistants / SEN 1:1's 

  • SEN Therapists / Therapy assistants 

  • SEN Teachers & tutors

  • Special Educational Needs Nannies

  • Neurodivergent Nannies

  • SEN Carers

  • Graduates and Students (Studies relating to SEN and/or childcare)


All Sennies must pass our compliance checks and have at least 2 years of experience in SEN childcare, including a sole charge childcare role. 

SENNIES opened to the public in January 2020 and is already the leading Special Educational Needs childcare introduction service in the UK for families and businesses.

We help families and clients source, train and place quality SEN childcare at a lower fee than all industry competitors. We even offer an affordable service which includes support, advice and training! Scott Dunn has partnered with SENNIES to ensure they can provide an inclusive service!

SENNIES is run by a neurodivergent ‘Super Sennie’ who has decades of professional and personal experience within Special Educational Needs in both the private care and educational sectors.

 Don't just take our word for it, check out our incredible Trustpilot Reviews here!

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