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£800 - £3000 per introduction.

You are then required to pay your chosen Sennie their hourly rate.

Sennie hourly rates:

  • Sennie: £15-£17 per hour gross

  • Super Sennie: £18-£20 per hourgross



£25 - £35 per hour 


£800 - £3000 per placement 


We help schools find experienced SEN TA's, Teachers and 1:1's.

We only support schools looking for long term placements, as consistency is key and we do not provide emergency cover. 

We highly recommend schools use our 'per placement model' as this will return a huge saving that can be reinvested into resources for the child and/or school we are supporting.

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Training& consultancy

We run a number of courses including but not limited to:

  • understanding Autism

  • Pathological demand avoidance

  • Understanding ADHD

  •  Neurodiversity and inclusion,

  • Girls on the spectrum

  • Back to School

  • EHCPs

  • Behaviours that challenge

  • Social thinking

  • And more...

Sennies: £25 per hour  for group training and £25 for 1:1

SENNIES Families: prices start at £35 per session

Non SENNIES families/clients: prices start at £70 per session

Schools/business: please enquire for prices as we can tailor courses to your needs. 

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Government funded placement

If you receive direct payments to support the cost of your childcare and come from a low income household, you can apply to work with SENNIES using our schools model.

£25 - £35 per hour.

Please get in touch today if you are interested in receiving the application form.

Placements of this nature at limited. 

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Ad hoc SEN childcare and babysitting service COMING SOON!

Why We Are Different

Problems we solve


We help family, organisations and schools find quality Sennies (SEN Nannies, carers, support and teachers) by sourcing, qualifying and training new talent at an affordable price


We ensure Sennies are placed into the right SEN roles that compliment their skill set, temperament and personality fit. 

Our solution

We only source & introduce creative, patient, thoughtful professionals who are passionate about childcare and working within the Special Educational Needs sector


Each SENNIE has a special areas of interest or talents that we match with clients of similar needs. Our Sennies must exhibit good character, responsibility, excellent experience and references. We will work with you to develop your details SENNIES job description.

Our pledge

Our fees are competitive and we pride ourselves in ensuring all of our Sennie are paid fairly for their incredible work!


As a neurodiverse team of SUPER SENNIES we know exactly what were looking for. We are here to ensure ALL children have access to experienced and quality SEN support, in all environments. 

Why we're different
Parents: Features
Girl in a wheelchair smiling

Personalised Process

Every placement is unique and customised
for each client

Run By Experienced SEN Nannies, Professionals &

We've helped families for over 10 years. We know personality-fit is key and how to spot it.

Our experience has enabled us to develop London's leading SEN training packages and bespoke family services for those who need further home support.

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Low cost SEN childcare agency


5 star service


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