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Families / Clients

How do I start a Search?

Permanent roles:

  • Read our terms and conditions

  • Complete our short registration form 

  • Book a call with a member of our team to discuss our placement in more detail

  • Pay your registration fee

  • Sign our agreement and waiver 

  • Update your Online SENNIES Profile

  • We will support you in completing your job description 

  • We will book a call to go through your Job description, set your matching preferences and deal breakers 

  • Let the matchmaking begin!

Part-time roles:

  • Email to schedule a call.

  • Pay the Registration Fee (£500 + VAT).

  • Sign the agreement and waiver. you are committing to a minimum number of hours for one academic year under a term - time only contract. This arrangement provides you with flexibility to offer overtime hours as and when required)

  • We will find a suitable match for your role.

  • You will be invoiced £32 per hour for your Sennie's monthly hours.

  • Complete a monthly timesheet and commit to a minimum of 12 hours per week.

  • Invoices are issued one month in advance.

  • The selected Sennie will register with our partner, who will handle insurance coverage and employment responsibilities.

  • Payments flow: You pay SENNIES, SENNIES pays the employment partner, and the employment partner pays the Sennie.

  • Late payment incurs a 10% weekly fee for outstanding invoices.

  • A 2-week probation period applies, allowing termination with 24 hours' notice.

  • After probation, provide 2 weeks' notice to end the contract with the Sennie and SENNIES. School holidays count as part of the notice period.

  • If a Sennie leaves without Client fault, we will find a replacement, and payment stops during the transition.

  • Terminate the services of up to 3 Sennies within one year without additional fees if using SENNIES' part-time service. SENNIES reserves the right to decline if not suitable for the role.

Is there a minimum requirment of days/hours?

We offer a permanent full time SENNIES search and a Part time paid per hour solution depending on the days and hours you require per week. 

Permanent SENNIES Search:

  • For our permanent SENNIES Search service, we exclusively consider roles that offer a minimum annual gross salary of £30,000 and a minimum of 30 hours per week (equivalent to £19.25 per hour gross). This requirement is in place due to a higher turnover of part-time staff. If you need fewer hours, we can advertise this, but please note that the minimum gross salary must remain at £30,000, resulting in a higher hourly rate.

Part-time Solution 

  • Starting from July 2023, we are pleased to introduce a part-time solution to accommodate different needs and schedules.

  • We specialise in finding and placing Sennies for part-time roles ranging from 12 to 28 hours per week.

  • Any additional hours needed beyond the agreed weekly commitment or during holidays will be considered as overtime and charged accordingly.

Training Packages:

  • Additionally, we offer competitive training and support packages if you prefer to find your own Sennie and provide them with training to become a Super Sennie with us!

What level of experience can I expect from a Sennie?

​As an introduction agency we have Sennies with a wide variety of experience which includes but is not limited to:

  • Teaching assistants / SEN 1:1's 

  • Therapists / Therapy assistants 

  • Teachers & tutors

  • Special Educational Needs Nannies

  • Neurodivergent Nannies

  • SEN Carers

  • Teaching assistants / SEN 1:1's 

  • Graduates and Students (Studies relating to SEN and/or childcare)

Please be aware that all Part-time Sennies are carefully selected by SENNIES and possess a minimum of 2 years of SEN experience within both home and school settings.

How long will it take to find me a Sennie?

Permanent roles:

  • The duration of a typical search for permanent roles is 8 weeks. However, please note that certain searches may take longer depending on specific requirements, available hours, and offered salary.

  • SENNIES provides an "introductory service" where we prioritise introducing you to suitable Sennies. It's important to understand that we do not employ the Sennies ourselves. While we cannot guarantee a successful match, we are dedicated to doing our utmost to source the childcare you deserve.

Part-time roles:

  • Our goal is to have a Sennie in place within 4 weeks from the time of your initial enquiry for part-time roles.

​For permanent roles:

  • If you feel a Sennie is not suited to your family’s needs, please give us detailed feedback, so we can be sure to only send you suitable Sennies moving forward.

  • If we have Sennies already registered who show an interest in your role, you will receive their profiles within the first 2 weeks of your search, pending further qualification. 

  • You will begin to see more headhunted candidates at around week 4 and onwards during your search, due to the time it takes to source and register a candidate before an introduction.

How much should I pay my Sennie?

Permanent role:

  • As the employer, you will directly pay your Sennie, who will become your employee.

Part-time roles:

  • For part-time roles, you will pay SENNIES an hourly rate of £32. Through our partner, who becomes the Sennies' employer, we will handle all administrative aspects on your behalf and you will not assume employer responsibilities.

Hourly rates for permanent roles: 

  • Part-time Sennie- up to 20 hours per week - £17 - £25 p/h gross​ 

  • Full time - 40 hours + - £15 - £20 p/h gross​
    (We advise £17+ p/h for retention purposes and to obtain an experienced Sennie)

  • Live in - £15+ p/h gross​

  • SEN Specialist - £20+ - Rates vary - Please enquire within​

We ask you to provide a scale where possible for your Sennies salary, so we can bring forward all suitable candidates.


EG. £15 - £20 per hour gross

£15 - £17 per hour gross

£17 - £20+ per hour gross 

To work out full employer costs, click here.

Gross VS Net pay?

All roles through SENNIES are advertised in gross pay.

Click here for more information regarding 'Gross VS Net' Pay. 

Please note Gross pay includes the Employees tax contributions that you pay on your Sennies behalf, it does not include employer contributions.


To see full employment cost estimates please click here.

Why do I need to pay a Registration Fee?

We are a small but dedicated team and therefore require a registration fee before we begin any search. This is to ensure we can dedicate our time to those serious about finding quality SEN Childcare.

Permanent roles:

When a role at SENNIES is posted, it is shared on our internal database and a wide range of partnered paid job sites. This multi-channel approach ensures that we find the most suitable Sennies available at the time of your search.
Posting on all these platforms individually would cost over £1000 in advertising fees per placement and does not include the time we take to review, register and interview each candidate. However, as a specialist agency, we have secured reduced rates with the top job sites in the UK. This enables us to effectively showcase your role to individuals actively seeking opportunities in SEN childcare.


Part-time roles:

Your registration fee covers various expenses, including advertising your role, registering the Sennie with the umbrella company, conducting enhanced DBS checks, and providing training to ensure the selected Sennie is well-prepared for success.
Subsequently, you will be invoiced £32 per hour for the hours completed by your Sennie on a monthly basis. Please note that there is no additional 14% placement fee for part-time roles and payments will pause in the event that your Sennie leaves until we find a suitable replacement. Rest assured, once a new Sennie is secured, payment will resume as usual.

When is my final payment due?

Permanent roles: Once an offer has been accepted, NOT on a Sennie first day

Part time Roles: We will invoice you monthly for your minimum commitment of hours plus any over time.


Permanent roles:

  • When you are ready to extend an employment offer to your selected Sennie, we will provide you with an online offer letter. This letter will serve as a temporary contract until the formal one is completed.

  • The Sennie will have the option to accept, decline, or negotiate the offer, and we will assist you throughout the process.

  • Once a Sennie accepts an offer, payment will be due. We will send you an invoice for the final placement fee via email, and you can make the payment through BACS. If payment is not received within 1 week, the associated card on your online SENNIES account will be charged, along with a 10% late fee. To update your payment details, please ensure you log into your account and make the necessary changes before making an offer.


Part-time roles:

  • As the client, you will need to complete a monthly timesheet with your Sennie and commit to a minimum number of hours per week, with a minimum starting requirement of 12 hours per week. If you require more than 28 hours per week, we recommend initiating a full SENNIES search.

  • The payment process operates as follows: you make payments to SENNIES, SENNIES pays the umbrella company, and the umbrella company handles the payment to the Sennie.

  • In the event of late payment to SENNIES, the client will incur a 10% late fee on the outstanding invoice amount for each week that the invoice remains unpaid.

Do you help with negotiations ?

Permanent Roles: Yes. The SENNIES team are here to support you throughout your journey and will keep in touch to find out how your interviews and trials are going whilst offering support and advice where possible.


Part-time Roles: There are no negotiations as we charge a set rate of £32 per hour 

Permanent Roles:

  • Before making an offer, we will provide guidance on best practices and offer our salary recommendation for each Sennie.

  • You will receive an offer letter from us to complete, which will serve as a temporary contract until the full contract is finalised.

  • Our service operates as an 'Introductory Service,' meaning the employment contract will be directly between the selected 'Client' and 'Sennie,' rather than through SENNIES.

  • All Sennies undergo a thorough background check, including but not limited to an Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service check (registered to the update service), a minimum of 2 professional references, and proof of identity. While we collect the necessary identification documents, it is important for the Client to physically verify and retain their own copies for reference.

What happens once I have employed a permanent Sennie through a SENNIES introduction? 

Once you have made an offer, it is accepted we will ensure you have the following:

  • SENNIES Contract and Support:

    • We provide a draft SENNIES contract that can be easily customized to meet your specific needs. This contract is designed to offer protection for both you (Employer) and your Sennie (Employee). While you have the option to use your own contract, in such cases, we can only provide a read-through and offer minimal advice based on best practices.
      Documentation from Chosen Sennie:

  • Your selected Sennie will provide the following documents:

    • Enhanced DBS certificate and/or confirmation from the update system.

    • Identification documents.

    • Two references. You are welcome to contact these referees directly or request additional references from your Sennie for further verification if necessary.

  • Recommendations for Employer Role:

    • We recommend referring to ACAS (Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service) documents to assist you in your role as an employer. These documents include:

      • ACAS Code of Practice.

      • ACAS guide on Discipline and Grievances.


  • Support and Check-In Calls:

    • We provide a call link to offer support and advice whenever needed throughout your placement.

    • Additionally, we will pre-book a check-in call to ensure that everything is going well and address any queries or concerns you may have.

Are the Sennies on your database OFSTED registered?

As an introduction agency, the vast majority of Sennies (SEN Nannies) at present, are not OFSTED registered.

However, we can include the following requirement within your detailed Job description under


Essential skills:

  • Must be OFSTED registered or willing to undergo OFSTED registration

In most cases the Employer (the family/client) covers the cost of their childcarer's OFSTED registration and Public Liability Insurance (required for OFSTED registration).


This is because it is only the Employer who benefits from OFSTED registration, through the Tax-Free Childcare Scheme. This can save a family up to £2000 per child per year. 

The downside is that it can take up to 6 months to complete OFSTED registration so if you are relying on using the Childcare scheme, you will not have access to the vouchers until your Sennie is OFSTED registered. We can look for a Sennie who is already registered but this will significantly reduce the number of Sennies that are available to send you during your search.

What can I expect from my Sennie in terms
of their duties?

Please let us know within your Vacancy registration form the duties you want your Sennie to carry out and we will qualify their suitability prior to an introduction.

Duties can include but are not limited to:

  • School pick up / drop off

  • Booking attending appointments with the children (where appropriate)

  • Arranging and/or attending playdates

  • Continuing therapies/interventions as set our by the family and/or their specialists

  • Tidy up after themselves and the children

  • Light PA or Housekeeping duties related to the children (if your role requires more than light duties, we will need to add this into the title as a Sennie/PA or Sennie/Housekeeper as not all Sennies are prepared to do more than light duties and we will only introduce interested and suitable candidates.)

  • Plan and attend day trips / school holiday activities 

  • Plan/cook healthy meals

  • Bath time and bed time routine

  • Prepare visual aids for your child/children (appropriate time should be allocated for this within their contracted hours) 

  • Toilet training

  • Personal care

  • Medication administration

  • Join you on a family holiday

Can you find me a Sennie who is available to
work Before and After school (Split shift)?

In the past, we have successfully found Sennies available for split shift roles, specifically before and after school hours. However, based on our experience, these roles can be more challenging to fill due to the limited availability of positions that align with these specific hours in the relevant field.


As a result, we handle split shift roles on a case-by-case basis and usually only offer them under our part-time model. Please note that in some instances, you may need to hire two separate Sennies to cover the required hours.

We recommend keeping your SENNIES Job description open to offering additional duties in the day with a long lunch break to ensure you find the right quality candidate if you wish to run a permanent search. 

Why should I work with SENNIES to source
my SEN Childcare?

SENNIES opened to the public in January 2020 and is already the leading Special Educational Needs childcare introduction service in the UK.

We help families and clients source, train and place quality SEN childcare at a lower fee than all industry competitors. 

SENNIES is run by a dedicated team who have decades of professional and personal experience within Special Educational Needs in both the private care and educational sectors.

 Don't just take our word for it, check out our incredible Trustpilot Reviews here!

Do you sponsor Sennies from other countries?

At SENNIES we cannot register someone as a ‘Sennie’ if they are an international applicant who has not been in the U.K for a minimum of 6 months, as this means we cannot complete all necessary background checks. 

Who writes the Job description and can we change it during the search?

We will support you in creating a great job description to advertise externally and through your online account! 

After confirming a job description, any subsequent changes may be subject to an additional admin fee of £50. This fee is necessary due to the rules imposed by external job sites. Therefore, we kindly request that you review and ensure your job description is 100% satisfactory before granting approval. Internal changes, on the other hand, are free of charge.

It is crucial to note that once an offer is made, you must not deviate from the role specified in the job description. Offering a different role at this stage is considered bad practice, wastes time, and is unfair to the Sennies. Failure to comply with this guideline may result in your delisting from using our services in the future.

Additional Information:

  • Communication and Scheduling:

    • Calls and emails received outside of our office hours (Monday - Friday: 9am - 5.00pm) will be attended to on the following business day.
      For any urgent communications outside of these hours, please reach out directly to the Sennie you have selected for an interview or trial.

  • Sennie Availability and Trial Period for a permanent search:

    • Please note that most childcarers are registered with multiple agencies, including SENNIES. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that a Sennie will not accept other roles offered by different agencies during the interview process. To avoid disappointment, we only allow our Sennies to trial for one role at a time.

  • Permanent SENNIES Search Duration:

    • Our permanent "SENNIES search" typically runs for 8 weeks and is provided as an introductory service. As an agency, we prioritize introducing you to suitable Sennies, but we do not employ them directly. If you find a Sennie unsuitable for your family's needs, please provide detailed feedback so that we can ensure better matches in the future. The 8-week duration is generally sufficient, but we aim to place a Sennie within 4 weeks whenever possible. If needed, we can extend the search duration to meet our shared objective.
      Different Approach for Part-time Roles:

  • Part-time roles operate under a different process compared to full-time permanent searches.


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