Frequently Asked Questions

Families / Clients

How do I start a Search?

Check out our Step by Step guide, where you can download relevant documents for the following steps:

  • Read our terms and conditions

  • Send your completed Vacancy registration form to

  • Book in a call with a member of our team to discuss our placement in more detail

  • Pay the £500 commitment fee

  • Begin your SENNIES Search! 

Is there a minimum requirment of days/hours?

A Sennie can be employed for 1 day per week however this must be a minimum of 4 hours per day.


If you need a Sennie for less than 4 hours per day, you will still be required to pay your Sennie for a minimum of 4 hours per day.

For after school roles we advise your Sennie arrives 30 minutes early to prepare the activities and/or snacks.


What level of experience can I expect from a Sennie?

As an introduction agency we have Sennies with a wide variety of experience which includes but is not limited to:

  • Therapists

  • Qualified Teachers

  • Special Educational Needs Nannies

  • Neurodivergent Nannies

  • SEN Carers

  • Teaching assistants / SEN 1:1's 

  • Graduates and Students (Studies relating to SEN and/or childcare)

Is it harder to find an Experienced Sennie for a Part Time role?

Whilst a highly experienced Sennie is, in our experience, more likely to apply for a 'Full Time; position, based on their salary expectation, that doesn't mean there isn't a Super Sennie looking for a Part Time role to compliment other work/hobbies/studies. Our CEO Georgia and head of recruitment Elinor were 'Part Time' Sennies for years alongside their creative careers, prior to opening SENNIES! 


We are known for our fantastic headhunting skills, in a market where there is a shortage of quality SEN childcare. We will actively search for new candidates to introduce, based on a family/clients specific requirements. We bring forward the best candidates available on the market, at the time of your search. 


We find Sennies with prior work experience such as SEN Teaching assistants, SEN 1:1's, SEN Nanny (with 1 - 3 years experience) and Students/Graduates who have studied a SEN related course, make excellent part time or after school Sennies and are always very active in applying for these roles. 

SENNIES offers hands on support, guidance and training following each placement to ensure that you and your Sennie get off to the best start, and works with all our our Sennies to help them to be your Super Sennie!


How long will it take to find me a Sennie?

  • The ‘SENNIES search’ runs for 8 weeks* and is offered as an ‘introductory service’, therefore we do not employ anyone, but make it our priority to only introduce you to suitable Sennies.

  • If you feel a Sennie is not suited to your family’s needs, please give us detailed feedback, so we can be sure to only send you suitable Sennies moving forward.

  • If we have Sennies already registered who show an interest in your role you will receive their profiles within the first or second week of your search, pending further qualification. 

  • You will begin to see more head hunted candidates at around week 3/4 of your search due to the time it takes to fully register a candidate prior to an introduction


*8 weeks is offered as standard as this is usually a sufficient amount of time to procure and process a suitable ‘Sennie’. We always aim to place within 4 weeks where possible and can extend this time when needed to ensure we meet our mutual goal. I have read, understood and agree to terms set out in this document


How much should I pay my Sennie?

  • London (Live out) : £15 - £20 per hour gross 

  • Rest of the UK and Live In roles:  £14-£20 per hour gross 

If you are employing a Part time or After school Sennie in London we recommend paying a rate of £17+ p/h gross for retention purposes. We ask you to provide a scale where possible for your Sennies salary, so we can bring forward all suitable candidates.



  • £15 - £20 per hour gross 

  • £15 - £17 per hour gross 

  • £17 - £20 per hour gross 

To work out full employer costs click here


Gross VS Net pay?

All roles through SENNIES are advertised in gross pay. Click here for more information regarding 'Gross VS Net' Pay. 

Please note Gross pay includes the Employees tax contributions that you pay on their behalf,  NOT employer contributions. To see full employment cost estimates please click here.


Why do I need to pay a Commitment Fee?

We are a small but dedicated team and therefore require a commitment fee before we begin any search. This is to ensure we can dedicate our time to those serious about finding quality SEN Childcare.

When a role at SENNIES goes live, it is posted to our internal data base and also on a number of paid partner job sites. This is to ensure we are finding the most suited Sennies available at the time of your search.


If you were to personally post on all of the sites we use, it would cost more than £1000 in advertising fees alone. As a specialist agency , we have agreed on a reduced rate with the top job sites in the UK to get your role in front of everyone looking for a new role in SEN childcare. 

The following refund policies apply for a Permanent placement 'Commitment Fee'.

  •  25% of the ‘Commitment Fee’ is refundable if/when a job role has been live for a minimum of 8 weeks, during which time SENNIES has provided the ‘Client’ with up to 3 suitable ‘Sennie’ profiles, the ‘Client’ has not been able to successfully hire one of the ‘Sennie(s)’ supplied and subsequently confirms in writing that they would like to end their SENNIES Search.

  •   A 50% refund of the ‘Commitment Fee’ will be issued in the extremely unlikely scenario that SENNIES are unable to provide any suitable ‘Sennie(s)’ and/or send any relevant ‘Sennie’ Profiles during your’ SENNIES search’. And the Employer confirms they would like to end their ‘SENNIES search’ in writing.

  • The Commitment Fee is non-refundable should the following occur:

    • The ‘Client’ chooses to stop their ‘SENNIES search’, before the 8 week period has ended.

    • The ‘Client’ requests to make changes to the role/job description that mean we have to initiate a new ‘SENNIES search’ and restart the ‘Process’.

    • The ‘Client’ decides and confirms in writing that they do not wish to continue their ‘SENNIES search’ but they have received 4 or more suitable ‘Sennie(s)’ and their profiles for consideration.




I’ve paid my commitment fee and returned my Vacancy Registration Form - What happens next?


We will create your SENNIES Job Description and send it to you to review.


Once approved, we will share it across our internal and external SENNIES network.


• You will receive 3 - 6 SENNIES PROFILES to review at one time via email, followed by a call request, to discuss each Sennie and their suitability in more detail.


• Following our call, we will send you the contact details of the Sennie/s you would like to meet, so you can arrange the first telephone, video or in person interview at your convenience.

Alternatively, we can provide the Sennie/s with your contact details and ask them to reach out to you at your preferred time.


• Please inform us of your decision following each interview within 48 hours, so we can keep the applicant/s updated and arrange the appropriate next steps on your behalf.


• We will arrange all Sennie trials on your behalf. No more than 2 trial shifts / days will be permitted unless an offer of employment is made and/or it has been discussed and agreed with SENNIES.. All trials are paid at £10 per hour and you will need to pay your Sennie directly on the final day of the trial unless otherwise instructed by SENNIES. (Some Sennies pay a small fee for us to collect their payment prior to the trial shift and then invoice us directly. You will be made aware of this when you book a trial and this is at no extra cost to you, however payment for the trial is due immediately).


• We will continue the process above until we find you your perfect match.

When is my final payment due?


When you make an offer of employment to your selected Sennie, either verbally or in writing, we will send you your final invoice which must be paid within 3 days to avoid late fee charges. This must be paid as soon as possible so we can begin the employment process.


Do you help with negotiations and selecting the right Sennie?

Yes. The SENNIES team are here to support you throughout your journey and will arrange calls to discuss how each interview or trial went. For our busy parents this can also be done via email or other text based services such as 'WhatsApp'. 


We will advise on best practice and our salary recommendation for each Sennie prior to an offer being made. 

As we offer an 'Introductory Service', meaning the employment contract will not be through SENNIES and instead be directly between the 'Client' and 'Sennie' selected.

All 'Sennie(s)' are subject to a comprehensive background check including but not limited to: an Enhanced Disclosure and Barring service check, a minimum of 2 professional references, and proof of identity. We collect all necessary identification documents, but it is important that the 'Client' also sees the physical document and collects their own copies for their reference. 

I’ve made a verbal offer and paid my final invoice - what happens next?

Once you have made a verbal offer to a Sennie we will issue your final invoice and will work with you to ensure you get off to the best start. To do this we will send you the following:   

Draft SENNIES contract - To be amended and signed by you (Employer) and your Sennie (Employee) - You can use your own contract but in this case we can only have a read through of your contract and provide minimal advice based on what we believe to be best practice. Our draft contract can be easily amended to suit your needs and has been created to protect both you and the Sennie.

Your chosen Sennies documents.

 - Enhanced DBS certificate and/or update system confirmation

 - Identification

 - Two References - please feel free to contact these referees yourself or ask your Sennie to provide more references for you to check if you feel necessary


Recommendations for becoming an employer (payslip and pension schemes)


ACAS documents:

 - ACAS Code of Practice

 - ACAS guide - Discipline and Grievances



What can I expect from my Sennie in terms of their duties?

Please let us know within your Vacancy registration form the duties you want your Sennie to carry out and we will qualify their suitability prior to an introduction.


Duties can include but are not limited to:

  • School pick up / drop off

  • Booking attending appointments with the children (where appropriate)

  • Arranging and/or attending playdates

  • Continuing therapies/interventions as set our by the family and/or their specialists

  • Tidy up after themselves and the children

  • Light PA or Housekeeping duties related to the children (if your role requires more than light duties, we will need to add this into the title as a Sennie/PA or Sennie/Housekeeper as not all Sennies are prepared to do more than light duties and we will only introduce interested and suitable candidates.)

  • Plan and attend day trips / school holiday activities 

  • Plan/cook healthy meals

  • Bath time and bed time routine

  • Prepare visual aids for your child/children (appropriate time should be allocated for this within their contracted hours)  

  • Toilet training

  • Personal care

  • Medication administration

  • Join you on a family holiday



Can you find me a Sennie who is available to work Before and After school (Split shift)?

We have been able to find Sennies who are available for a split shift (before and after school hours ) in the past, however these roles are much harder to place in our experience, due to there being little roles that fit in around thee hours in the relevant field. 

We recommend keeping your SENNIES Job description open to an After school Sennie AND a Before and After school Sennie where possible. If you request to only view candidates who can do a split shift, this will mean you receive less Sennies to review during your search based on our experience of the market.

Why should I work with SENNIES to source my SEN Childcare?

SENNIES opened in to the public in January 2020 and is already the leading Special Educational Needs childcare introduction service in the UK.


We help families and clients source, train and place quality specialist child care at low cost fees compared to our industry competitors. 

SENNIES is run by a dedicated team of neurodivergent ‘Super Sennies’ who have decades of professional and personal experience within Special Educational Needs in both the private care and educational sectors. 


Once a Sennie is placed, we offer training and support for our family's/client's as we care about the success of every single placement! Don't just take our word for it, check out our incredible Trustpilot Reviews here!


Do you sponsor Sennies from other countries?

At SENNIES we cannot register someone as a ‘Sennie’ if they are an international applicant who has not been in the U.K for a minimum of 6 months, as this means we cannot complete all necessary background checks. 


Who writes the Job description and can we change it during the search?

SENNIES will create a detailed job description on your behalf, using notes from our calls and also your vacancy registration form. It is really important you give us as much detail on your form so we can ensure these details are covered in your description and secure the very best Sennie for you. 

Once you have confirmed a job description, changes may incur an additional admin fee due to the rules of external job sites. Please ensure you are 100% happy with your job description prior to approval.  



Additional Information:

• Calls and emails made outside of our office hours will be picked up the following day. (Opening hours: Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm)

• Any urgent communications outside of these times must be made directly with the Sennie you have chosen to interview/trial.

• Please be aware that the majority of child carers are signed up to multiple agencies and not exclusively to SENNIES, therefore we cannot guarantee that a Sennie will not take other roles offered by another agency during your interview process. We only allow our Sennies to trial for 1 role at a time to avoid this type of disappointment.

• The ‘SENNIES search’ runs for 8 weeks* and is offered as an ‘introductory service’, therefore we do not employ anyone, but make it our priority to only introduce you to suitable Sennies. If you feel a Sennie is not suited to your family’s needs, please give us detailed feedback, so we can be sure to only send you suitable Sennies moving forward. *8 weeks is offered as standard as this is usually a sufficient amount of time to procure and process a suitable ‘Sennie’. We always aim to place within 4 weeks where possible and can extend this time when needed to ensure we meet our mutual goal.