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What, why and how?

A Now/ Next board is a fantastic and simple way to let somebody know what is expected of them

NOW and what they get for doing it/ why they should do it NEXT.

We all do things we don’t necessarily want to do because we have a motivator to encourage us to do it - we go to work because we get paid, we wake up early in the mornings because being late means we might get fired. This is the same for children and young people with Autism - we need to give them a reason the engage in the task they don’t necessarily want to do.

NOW - always the demand we are putting on them.

NEXT - always their motivator or reward for doing it.

Don’t be tempted to use it like a visual timetable, this is not their purpose and motivators/ rewards

need to be instant.

Using a visual or a picture on these charts means that you don’t need to use excessive verbal

communication to explain what is happening, the child can continually check the expectation and

their reward, and it means the request or instruction isn’t coming directly from you - you aren’t the

baddie anymore!

It is a great way to start introducing short work tasks or adult-led tasks. Try not to focus on the time

scales for activities at first, just work on helping the child get used to the pattern of ‘Demand/


These printables are available from Twinkle who are giving parents free access to resources during

the COVID pandemic.

Written by Vicky Brewer - Autism Consultant, Education Advisor & Specialist teacher - Qualified Solution Focused Practitioner &

Vicky now works with over 70% of our Sennies families on a private basis and trains new and seasoned Sennies weekly. The feedback from Families and Sennies has been incredible and we are extremely happy to be working with Vicky!!

Everyone within the Sennies community can book sessions with Vicky at a discounted rate due to our partnership! Please see below



Ø SENNIES offer - Family bespoke Session = £35 per session, 1 hr

Ø Bespoke Family Support Package - email for a quote

Please get in touch with Sennies to book in a free 15 minute family consultation with Vicky to find out more or for free advise on a single topic you would like to address.

Autism Training Packages for our Sennies - Led by Vicky through Zoom

Ø Short Course £35 per Sennie , 1.5hrs

Ø Full Autism Awareness, including practical strategies to Support children and young people on the Spectrum, £65 per Sennie, 3hrs

Ø Group training £25 per Sennie, 1.5 hours (max 6 Sennies per session)

If you are currently looking for SEN Childcare please contact Georgia directly on as we have Super Sennies available to cover all of your SEN childcare needs.

07312 099105



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