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About this item

  • NON-TOXIC MATERIAL: Safety is of utmost importance to us at Bazy Toys. Our products have been directly tested to the highest of standards. Safe for teeth and gums, our toys are made from food-grade silicon and free of any toxins such as BPA and PVC. It is harmless if pieces are swallowed!

  • STRESS & ANXIETY RELIEF: Our chewing necklaces are designed to provide a safe, wearable solution for anyone who needs help with stress, anxiety, biting, teething, or sensory stimulus. Particularly autistic children who need help to calm, soothe, relax and self-regulate

  • ADDED TEXTURE FOR SENSORY NEEDS: Children with autism often have trouble grasping things with sensory stimulation and sensory toys help to develop children's physical and mental abilities. Our chew necklaces are specially designed with a variety of textures at the front and back to stimulate senses and help children relax and focus

  • FUN AND COLOURFUL DESIGN: Our designs stand out from the rest of autism chew toys out there and are uniquely shaped for your child's sensory needs. The gingerbread man shaped necklace is only one of our bright and colourful designs, we also have puzzle piece and elephant shapes available in various colours!

  • EASY TO CLEAN: These durable silicone chew toys are very easy to clean! Simply use warm water with soap and let your child safely reuse it over and over again. The supplied string with a clasp will make sure that the toy is always around your child when needed and it will also keep the toy safe from falling. You can clean it the same way as the toy itself



Basy - Gingerbread man

    • Material - Silicone

    • Colour - Brown

    • Brand - Bazy

    • Is mould resistant - BPA Free

    • Item weight - 38 Grams
  • SENNIES Return Policy: 14 days right of returns on unused items - no returns on training packages or PDFs

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