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We’re overjoyed to share that our highly anticipated Sennie Diary!Carefully crafted with you in mind, this diary is designed to:

  • Chronicle the precious moments and significant milestones in your child’s journey
  •  Eliminate communication gaps and frustrations often associated with hiring childcare
  • Document vital information such as food intake, bathroom behaviours, and medication
  • Keep a record of daily activities, observations, and progress to identify triggers and ensure consistent, specialised care


This diary is the bridge that fosters seamless communication between you and your Sennie (SEN Nanny/specialist), thereby ensuring your child receives the very best care.Arm yourself and your Sennie with a tool that makes your child’s care journey more organised and memorable.This diary, your ultimate SEN Childcare companion, boasts over 190 pages to track progress, accidents, medication, expenses, goals, a special section to record your child’s victories (big and small!) and much more!

SENNIES Childcare Diary

  • SENNIES Return Policy: 14 days right of returns on unused items - no returns on training packages or PDFs

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