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Is it time to consider a private Teacher?

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

Whilst specialist schools remain open and children of ‘key workers’ are still able to attend, the majority of parents have begun thinking about homeschooling for at least one or more of their children.

This comes amid a warning from the education secretary Gavin Williamson that schools which are open will not be an “educational setting” but a “safe place for pupils”.

The private Teacher industry is now highly in demand

As a result, Sennies has been looking at how we can help ALL families continue their child’s education, and we’ve compiled a database of more than 200+ Qualified Teachers, SEN Teachers, Experienced Tutors to add to our existing and ever increasing database of Sennies (SEN Nannies) and Nannies.

For more information click here , email or go straight ahead and fill out our online vacancy registration form so we can begin your search right away!

Am I being dramatic about finding a homeschool teacher this early into school closures?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! Now is the best time, as very soon the best educators and child carers will be snapped up by other families.

In the worst affected areas of the coronavirus outbreak where schools have been closed for a while, the private tutor sector has been reporting a boom , as parents - many of which have to continue working- look to ensure their child’s education continues undisturbed.

Private tutors have been forced to alter their roles too

Take a look at Spain, Italy and China where homeschooling and online lessons have quickly become the new normal. In China, it's been reported that due to the high demand for tutors, some are now charging more than $300 an hour, with others reporting $10,000 a term, in order to prepare for the Chinese equivalent of A-levels later this year.

In Italy and Spain, similar reports are beginning to surface of charges more than ten times the average, as the laws of supply and demand take hold.

It is vital parents in the UK begin to consider what is best for them and start interviewing, qualifying potential Teachers/Nannies and deciding upon the way in which they want to work with their new educator, so planning can be put in place. Particularly as some of the measures seem to be for the long haul.

The whole country currently has great availability, so now is a great time to arrange your first video interview.


In the current climate, private tutors have been forced to alter their roles too, offering short-term interim lessons as well as specialist lesson plans.

These can take place online or in a controlled environment which the parent and tutor feel comfortable with.

School closures have forced parents to think about private tutors

Please check out our COVID-19 updates here which outline best practice.

While there is no substitute to schools as we know them, the whole country is having to adapt and unfortunately the education sector is no different.

Please get in touch with the team at Sennies if you would like to know more about how we can help all parents through these difficult times.

Our fees are calculated per placement based on your requirements and individual circumstance as we understand that some families have been hit harder financially during COVID-19.

We can confidently say our rates are lower than all other agencies and want to support all families with children of all abilities to continue with their education.

Get in touch for your personalised quote. Please share our information with all of your friends, colleagues and family who have children, as a small business we thank you for your continued support.

Phone: 07312 099105

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